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Beach and Wave Seascape Collections

Beach Scene Paintings

Waves, beach, sand, pandanus, sunset or sunrise seascapes take your pick. Who doesn’t want to be surrounded by water.

Marine Animal Collections

Marine Animal Paintings

From Turtles, Manta Rays, Whales, Dolphins, Dugongs – I just swimming with marine animals but I also love painting underwater animals.

Portrait Painting Collection


This is my newest area – incorporating portraits, especially children on beaches.

Nici Bickley Print Collection

Prints or Textiles

Why not check out prints of my paintings, pillows, phone covers, cards, and tote bags.
Limited stock available but more available on request.

Latest Paintings

Featured Work

Mud Fun Painting

Mud Fun

My latest acrylic painting of a boy loving the fun of playing in the Mud at Wynnum. Thanks to EJ Daniels for the reference photo (and her son, the model). This incorporated my new style of posterization and tonal images that I build the image in many layers. It was also my fastest selling painting.
Lainey Loneragan Portrait Painting

Colour, Colour, Colour

My portrait of Lainey Loneragan, full of colour was my entry to the Brisbane Portrait Prize Art Competition 2020. I wanted the colour to come out of Lainey, as she brightens conversation but has also brought colour to Brisbane through the Wool Parades at the Ekka and her PR company. I also like the concept of her finger being up as if she is telling a story or telling us to behave (which relates to her Etiquette and Manners company).

Or Consider a

Commission Piece

Get the perfect piece for your home, just let me know the size you prefer and what subject you would like (and provide some reference photos if applicable). Then I can quote the price and expected timeframe.

Nici Bickley

More About this Local Brisbane Artist

Growing up surrounded by the beauty of Moreton Bay I fell in love with the water. Everything about it calms me and reminds me of happy memories, so when I started painting of course I wanted to paint it. And then I realised how involved it was, and how I was seeing the world in such a limited way – the sky was blue, the water was blue, and leaves were green. Thanks to a great mentor Mark Waller ( and Explore Acrylics), I now see the reflections, refractions, the water colour that changes, the yellow and red in leaves and the elusive purple shadows. As I learn to see all these nuances my art improves, but I’m sure my learning will be never ending. I hope you start to see all those colours in my paintings, or in everyday life and get the same joy as I do when that coloured glue eventually starts to evoke a memory.

I am available for specific commissions including any with a focus on: marine paintings, seascapes, beach scenes, pandanus, whales, dolphins, turtles, manta rays, eagle rays, stingrays, whalesharks. And now I am branching into portraits.

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News from Nici

Ekka 2019

Turtles ... I can't stop doing turtles.  I love their shells, their heads, the reflections in the water as they come up.  This piece, and 3 others, will be going to the Royal Exhibition (the Ekka) in Brisbane for display in August (and hopefully for...

Creating the Pandanus Trunk

I love putting these videos up as I think it reinforces that a great painting comes from doing many, many layers. And beginner painters can take heart that as long as they get the "bones" right they just have to keep going adding more and more detail to watch their...